Friday, July 25, 2014

Satire? More like, Sad...tire?

Hamas is Palestine's only hope.
Hamas fights for the Palestinians.
Hamas is protecting the Palestinian people.

The Israelis are trying to kill all Palestinians.
Israelis are baby-killers.
Israelis want to destroy Palestine.

And, who, of all people is defending Israel? Backing this evil, powerful force?

The Jews.

The Jews who only defend Israel because of its Jewish population

The Jew gives money and weapons and love to the Israeli people.
The evil Israeli people who will to kill innocent people.

We do not hate the Jews, but we must put an end to their evil reign. Before the 0.2% of the world population (the Jews) take over.

We are not anti-semitic, we are anti-Israel. We are anti-Zionist. We are anti-semi- um... we are against the people who wish to kill civilians.

It is not the we do not recognize the genocide and cruelty and inhumanity that takes place elsewhere in the world, we just need to focus on the Palestinians who have died. That is the only number that matters because the J- um, Israeli people are ruthless and will not stop until they are all dead.

Hamas did not agree to cease-fires because they want to kill more Je- Israe- well, because they want to protect their people.
No- because they will not make treaties with terrorists!!

They put weapons and rockets in hospitals and schools and civilian houses because they knew the Israelis would come for them.
Those who lost their lives were martyrs.
The Israelis did not HAVE to destroy our weapons!
They waited and continued to warn the people because they were scared, not concerned.
Scared of the repercussions.
Hamas forced the families and people to stay because they wanted to call that bluff.
They wanted to show the world that the Israelis would harm the innocent people.
They're sick! The Isra- Jews are SICK!
Well, not the Jews. Not all the Jews.
Just the Israeli Jews and the Jews who support them.

They need to stop bombing Palestine! They have the Iron Dome, they can find safety within 15 seconds. Sure, if they're not fast enough, they may die. Their children or aunts or fathers or lovers may die, but... BUT! they have a stronger army, so... so it's okay!
If the Iron Dome does not intercept rocket number 300-something, a city or two may be blown into oblivion, but the selfish Jews had it coming, they stole, well, were given that land unfairly! That empty land mass of nothingness rightfully belonged to the Palestinians! And what did those Jews do? They came along and built houses and synagogues and planted trees and vegetables. They made hospitals and art schools and developed companies and invented medications that benefit people/Americans... why? So they could influence America, influence the world, and take OVER!

Now, the Jews and Israelis in America?
We can't trust them! They're coming for all of us next. They will try to conquer us next.
All .02% of them!

We can try to label them! YES!
Maybe with menorahs or stars, so we know who to watch out for. Keep an eye on them and look-out for any unsavoury actions or statements.

No... wait. I don't think that's the solution. I don't want to find the bad ones AFTER it's too late.

There's only one solution- Internment camps. Didn't they work well after Pearl Harbor? Didn't we win?
We didn't hate the Japanese, we simply did it to keep our country safe. To prevent anymore killing or cruelty.

We CAN NOT condone cruelty.
It's not about hatred or anti-semitism; we MUST protect ourselves and the Palestinians.

Remember, you are not a bad person.
We are dedicated to protecting the innocent.
These people will be treated well. They will be fed and clothed and cared for.
This is for the safety and protection of us all. We can no longer trust the Jewish people.
Whether they are Asian-Israeli, African-Israeli, Muslim-Israeli, Hispanic-Israeli... they are a threat to the well-being of us all.
They must be put away and separated from the rest of us.

For the sake of our children.

For the sake of our women.

And for the sake of all that is decent and humane.

Now that we have covered that, I would like to discuss the blacks who are destroying our society....

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