Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How aproposie!

I am not bitter or stubborn or angry or mean about Valentine's day.

I don't care if people waste money on candy and lovely things.

I don't even care if I'm alone and not heard a single, "Will you be my valentine?" (which I have been most years)

How am I so 'okay' with this? Because it's a holiday about love! How many of those do you get? One. Only one a year. Which is why people are so excited about it. Which is also why people hate it. The one day of the year where anything could happen, anyone could admit they're in love with you, anyone could send you a surprise basket of pink and red balloons to your office. Once that day is over, your dreams are dashed.

As a modern female, I see why women get terrified around this holiday. Who will do and say what? What if they don't do it or say it the way you want it done and said? What if no one does or says anything to you or for you and you're the only one and you lose your mind and adopt 14 cats and are alone for the rest of your life?

There are a few ways of looking at this situation.

1. I don't need a man to feel worth something. I will go out and rock the single life! Non-committal till death!


3. Sure, I have a boyfriend/husband but Valentine's day is still stupid. He shows me he loves me everyday. We don't need a holiday.

4. Yeah, I have a boyfriend/husband but he's such an idiot. He's going to mess up Valentine's day again. Such a stupid holiday.

Etcetera, etcetera...

Now, why not instead embrace what you have while allowing growth if and when the opportunity comes along?

Maybe I'm alone and hopeless for valentine's day, so I can go for a massage or to a movie or go out with friends or a bar. What if I have a useless significant other? So go out anyway! Either make him something or celebrate in the house with cuddle time and a nice meal. If he doesn't show any interest in this or you... well, you two probably have bigger issues than a holiday.

Point is, yeah, it's a silly, money-wasting kind of holiday but it's the only holiday that celebrates something super magnificent like love rather than Jesus or Witches or surviving another year! No one has to be bitter about it. You can the opportunity to ask the cute guy on the street if he wants to spend the holiday with you. People are looking to be charmed on this holiday and surprised and are more open to meeting someone knew to care about, so why not catch the love bug and just enjoy it?

If nothing else, go to the pet store, there's always a puppy, kitten, or guinea pig that would LOVE to snuggle you and shower you with kisses. As a matter of fact, there is no human that would show you as much love a a puppy or whatever will. How about going to volunteer? Show love, even when you don't feel as if you're receiving it. You can begin the love because I assure you there are tons of people out there who are feeling the same way you are and you have an open opportunity to express it towards them. Family works too, of course. If you can't find a way to celebrate a day about love, you are seriously not paying attention to the world around you.

"Oh, I have to work. Not a moment to do anything..." So hug your co-worker or be extra friendly to the janitor. Add heart stickers to your binder. Write a platonic love note to the cubicle next to yours or to your boss (if you're close like that.)

I have given you a billion ways of celebrating, so go out there and get your love on. Stop being so glum and open your heart. Just for one day, is all I ask. Maybe you'll like it enough that you can indeed make it a full time thing. Who knows!

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