Monday, September 23, 2013

Why you Should make him a Sandwich *This will offend you*

This is a list I dreamt about. Upon sharing it with a fellow scholar of advanced intellect and sophistication, he suggested that I post the list, along with images from the 50s and thereabouts that I felt fitting. I am easily influenced, so why not?

Reason #5:

Cardio! It may seem minor, but even just those 10 extra minutes off the couch will do your body some real good. We all know how hubby likes a slim wife, after all.

Reason #4:

Power! He may like to feel like he's in control, but she who decides what goes into his meal controls what matters. Show him who's boss!

Reason #3:

While you're at it, make yourself a sandwich too! Or even better, make yourself a salad. Remember: Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.

Reason #2:

Know your way around. You know how in war there's a home base advantage? Same goes for the kitchen. Every woman should know her kitchen like the back of her man's hand.

The final reason to make him a sandwich?

Reason #1:

Because he asked you once and he shouldn't have to ask you again!

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