Friday, December 28, 2012

Idle No More

"Idle No More!" stated the signs before me. "IDLE NO MORE!" screamed the folks inside the fountain whilst doing the hora. Amongst this group of passionate Native Americans, "Native Americans", and Americans was a common theme... IDLE NO MORE! What else were they saying, though? What was this Satanic chant of theirs? No idea but I smell moth balls, so I agree with whatever the cause. I am handed a slip of paper, "Idle no more! Support Native Rights!" ( Now, THAT is vague. In what way have Native Americans' rights NOT been infringed upon?

Chief Spence? Apparently we're supporting the fella (we'll get back to Ol' Chief in a bit- turns out he is a she!)

"NYC natives support Chief Spence!" I am native to New York City but somehow I don't think they are referring to my kind. It also sort of sounds like they are now chanting, "O-O-O-Ohio!" This could be a promotion for a new musical... I jest! I do hope there is dialogue at some point, though. For I am cold and Squatting Dog grows restless.

Huh. There's a loose guinea pig next to me. I am sure she isn't terrified and clueless.

Bill C-45? Say NO to it. Upon further research, I have found it is IMPOSSIBLE to find anything simply explaining what Bill C-45 is. I can read who opposes it, who loves it, who ate it for breakfast... but not what it is! From the perspective of those who joined in protest today, the main issue is rivers and lakes. As stated on a paper I was given, "On December 4, Canada had 5 million protected rivers and lakes. On December 5, Canada had 82 protected rivers and lakes." Here's what I've gathered from the paper- this is a Canada thing, first of all. Jeez, Canada, it is always about you, isn't it? Also, this Chief Spence lady is hunger striking the situation. While I did find my hunger strikes when I was little to be effective, I wonder how they work these days for adults. I support her giving it her all but every hunger strike I've heard about has ended up in them giving up and eating or dying.  No one ever says, "Spence, you're skin and bones! I'll do whatever it takes, just eat something. I made you kugel!"

The closest I can find to an explanation is an article on   ....

The budget bill, Bill C-45, includes changes to public sector pension plans, a new electronic travel authorization system, pay raises for judges and changes to environmental protection and reviews for lakes and rivers.

WHAT does pay raise for judges have to do with destroying lakes and rivers? Why would they put those things on the same bill? It's like that was their evil plan all along, "Either they'll be jerks and not give judges more money or they'll lose all their natural water sources. MWAHAHA!!"

So, back to the events... they have chanted for about ten minutes and now dispersed a tad. What now? Oh, scratch that... more chant circles. Don't worry, I'm not going to go off on a rant about animal skin drums. I don't use them myself but these are freaking Native Americans, son. I'll allow it.

WHO smells like moth balls? Seriously... I love that smell but someone needs to take their native jacket out of the closet more often. Although, these guys have their step, ball change dance down, I must say! Now, we await as they plot out their next move. Ohio ball change or O-step-Hi-ball chance-O? Couldn't they call upon the sun spirit? We cold!

Pardon me if having a sense of humour offends you. I do support the cause, despite my facetiousness.

Some dancers are adding a head bob with the step-nice! Oh man, it's becoming a legitimate hora! OPA! Or are we playing 'snake'? I'm getting confused.

"Keep calm and screw that time to wake up!"  I had to read this six times to realize it's just lacking punctuation. "Keep calm and... screw that! Time to wake up!" Better, no? I kept reading, "Keep calm and screw..."

The guy is talking about his guinea pig! A man took a photo and he says, "Save that photo. In 2 years she'll be dancing on stage and that photo will be worth millions. She knows English. She understands everything I say. We've been together 10 years! One day she'll die and I will cry all day."

Oh, sweet! A dude's doing a native dance, not to be confused with the crack dance. Although, it could be that too. Now its turned into something of a subway breakdance. Whatever works! The drummers have left the stage. Fin?? At least it's a message left on high spirits and love rather than anger.  

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