Saturday, April 30, 2016

Politican'ts do that.

Let's talk about the presidential election a little, shall we? I don't want to do it, believe me, but someone's gotta slow things down and be real for a moment. And, sigh, I know I am the only person for the job. Mostly because I hate all politicians. Do and say and pay and give what you want- I'm not buying it. They're all shlubs.

Do I think all voters are nutty morons? Idealistic, anti-semitic, racist, homophobic, socialist, hippy-dippy, fools? I don't. I think Trump voters, Sanders voters, and Clinton voters all have something in common: they want a better life for themselves, their families, and future generations.

America isn't great. It's greater than many other countries, but we have many flaws, and it's about time someone admitted it. America doesn't have to be the richest and most powerful country to prove anything, it simply has to thrive and do everything in its power to help its citizens thrive and be happy enough and safe enough and free enough. The more, the merrier!

No one, I repeat NO ONE knows the perfect path to take in order to achieve this. We all have ideas and theories. We all know bits and pieces of what WE want and what WE need, but one thing leads to another, which causes another, which does another thing. There is know way of knowing the entire chain reaction that will occur once choices and laws and changes are made. However, those ideas and theories can grow and be fixed if the right people work towards making it better. Unfortunately, the people who make these big decisions are politicians!

While firefighters fight fires for a living and McDonald's servers give children obesity, and everyone else has their professions and their wages and their dreams, politicians have one goal: to become bigger politicians. To control more of their city, country, or the world! What about that makes you think that these "leaders" are truly in it to give the people what they want? Making claims is one thing, that's the nice and easy part. Tell the people what they want to hear, and they have limited ways of rebuking your sentiments and statements. In this way, even the most trusted and wonderful people can turn bad in the name of being given more power and influence. It's their job. This is how they make a living. The weak and the kind will not survive. If a politician told us their real intentions and plans, the world would revolt; there would be utter chaos. Lies and deceit are tools for control and keeping some level of peace. Can you just imagine what the truth would unleash?

Aside from this, there is a certain level of uncertainty. Desperation changes people, as well. Even those decisions that come from a positive place can go awry. One slip and everything that previously seemed right and good for the people may have to change. There's no predicting world affairs.

Fight for your beliefs and vote and rally together to make the change you believe in. However, don't let the dirty politicians divide us and turn everyone's same goal of love and peace into a war zone. Politicians have enough power, don't give them this, too!

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